Living Hope

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Faith and faith

There have been many columns recently in religious and non-religious media about which Party has the most faith. Some of the media even measures faith from a cultural level or a spiritual level. The media blasts Senator Frist because he shows up on a monitor at a religious convention of Christians which is dealing with political issues. Some columnists have written recently about so-called liberal Christians vs conservative Christians. There was outrage that the new Pope Benedict was actually Catholic. The media is worried about real Christians in politics or any of our cultural life. What is so ironic is that in our PC world is that real Christianity is being debated by the very media , politicians, and commetators who disdain religion out and out! And supposedly the public is supposed to listen to these irreligious commentators and be warned against a new Taliban , or Nazis, or Crusades or Council of Trent right here in the USA. Frankly, irreligious people have no foundation to comment upon religion. They are biased from the start. At least, religious people on any level can debate theology with some bearing. For instance, do I think that Democrats are more spiritual than Republicans? Well, it depends on the geographic area in which those Dems live. Surely, down South in the Bible belt there are some Dems who are born again Christians. Now, if I look at the NW, the NE or California and ask the same question, the answer is NO. In fact, polls now show that by and large, there are more religious Republicans and in fact, more born again Christians in the Republican Party than the Democrats. The media hates this. Well , tough. I want all Americans to meet and be filled with Jesus. I make no bones about that. This horrifies the media and the Left. Again. Tough. The nation is far better off with many Americans having religious underpinings, whether they be religious Jews or Christians. No, I do not think Muslims aid this nation. Sorry. Not very PC but so far , these groups have not made the contributions against the war against Islamofacism nor have they been seen as Americans first, and Muslims second. What about Christians? I am a Christian first, Yes, but I am a patriotic American and proud of it. It is freedom , liberty and faith that keeps us strong. Not an elimination of faith, or the contributions that those faithful people have given to America.BTW, even our religious peoples support our military over and against the secular leftist humanists who make up part of our nation. And No , I do not want a theocracy. I want faiths and non-faiths given equal dignity as far as who contributes to our democratic free nation. It is the Leftist secularists who do not want that equity today. And one more thing: do I think there is such a bird as a liberal Christian? Of course, but I would not want to be in their shoes when Jesus returns. Yet, even there, Jesus will decide , not me.

Thursday, April 21, 2005

Will the Pubs finally act like the Majority?

I am actually praying for the Pubs nowadays. They seem so lost and so wussy that the liberal Dems are playing them like violins. The Senate Pubs are far worse than the House Pubs. The Senators are a in a club that factually stinks! They think they can be soooooo sensitive to the Media, the Polls, the Dems, the Beltway gang. The Pubs think like country club elites while the Dems think like gang members in the Bronx of old. They are savage in their hatred and their inaccuracies in the facts is appalling but they play for keeps. Confirmation of John Bolton, confirmation of the President's judges, dealing with illegal immigration are 3 issues that the voting Base want them to activate. Yet the Pubs dither. Sorry people and yet they think they are playing fair. Fair????? Dems never played fair for 45 years. Pubs smiled as they got kicked in the teeth. It is time for Pubs to kick some Dem teeth, smiles and all. Act like the majority or lose in 2006 and 2008. It is simple but the RNC types, the President in the WH don't get it yet. If the Pubs do not come out against illegal immigration, my bet is that they lose the elections in 2006-08. My prayers seem to be failing. Perhaps from now on, I'll get back to praying for the Lost to accept the Gospel of Christ. The Pubs don't seem to be getting any thing right and if they lose the Evangelical vote, Bye bye Congress and the Presidency.

Monday, April 18, 2005

The death of a friend

Today at 5AM, one of our church friends, Marcia Jimenez went to be with our Lord Jesus Christ. She had had cancer on 3 separate ocassions. This third time, was her undoing. She was brave, had a huge heart for mission, yet her family was not where she was in Christ. I did her father's funeral a few years ago. But, her mother , who is 90 plus, is still alive. A very nice lady and one who is a believer, it must be hard to outlive a child for this gracious woman. Marcia's three daughters have been with her as was her husband. The greatest thing that could come out of all this pain , suffering and sickness would be that the whole family would be in Christ for the rest of their lives. Marcia was a testimony to my wife. I hope she will be for others. After all, our witness of our whole life is our real legacy. Memories of Marcia, memories of our lives will be the true outcome of a life lived well or worthless. I know where Marcia is right now, just hours after her physical death. She was brave as she trod the path of pain and patience. We will miss her. When I do her service, I hope God's Holy Spirit will fill our spirits with her cheer, love, generosity and mercy for mission. Especially for me as well as her family. She was a living testimony and that ain't bad for a life that never reached 60 years!

Monday, April 11, 2005

Listening to Dennis Prager at a Temple

Monday evening, my wife and I went to see Dennis Prager speak. He was at Temple Beth David in Westminter, Ca. It was naturally crowded with all brands of Jewish faithful and a large contingent of Gentiles. Err, well, Evangelical Christians like us. The biggest cheers came for Dennis from the Christians. That is not surprising since Jewish voters vote in greater numbers for Democrats and have little in common with Prager. Still, his humor, and his amazing support for the Judeo-Christian value system plus Christian contributions to democracy, freedom and liberty here in America gathered much loving support at this venue. His Talk Radio program is sponsored by Salem Broadcasting which is an Evangelical group of businessmen. They sponsor, Laura Ingraham, Dennis, Mike Medved-also Jewish, and Hugh Hewitt. A group of conservative Republicans who also love God. Wow, what a change from the dull old liberal agnostic-Unitarian types that dominate the Democratic media and stay away from God as much as they can. Unless of course it will win them votes in the next electoral cycle! Dennis has good books for many types of readers. One on Happiness, one on Being Jewish, and one called Think a Second Time on many so-called politically correct concepts which need to be destroyed with logic and faith! Prager is one of my heroes and loving God has only made me glad he is on my side and vice versa in the Culture wars afflicting our nation today.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Republicans doth make cowards of us all!

Recently, I wrote Senator Frist, the President and will be writing the RNC. The comments all surrounded their cowardice in facing the issues of morality that the Shiavo case brought up, illegal immigration and most of all, their failure to get the President's jurist choices through the confirmation process. What I said was that until they acted on these issues, no Pub outfit would get one red cent from me. Now, I know 2006 is coming up. I will only support candidates who take a postive spin on these issues by trying to solve them instead of avoiding them. Other Pub Talk Radio guys, some conservative media will be appalled. But, more than my gripes will be forming the scenario for the 2006 elections. If Pubs stay home in those elections, the GOP majorities will dissolve. Only a few in each precinct have to do that. I am a pragmatist. I want to win. But, with majorities in all 3 branches of government, the Pubs are acting as if they are in the minority. Soon they might be if they do not start to deal with the issues their voters want them too. Listening to moderates, Democrats and the NY Times is a pattern for political death and cowardice. It is time to get the judges through. It is time to protect our borders and to stop pandering to Fox and the Mexican government. It is time to deal with out of control judges who do not take into account moral considerations. Legislation should be pushed on all 3 fronts and now not 2006 for political considerations!

Monday, April 04, 2005

The Pope and Politics

John Paul could really Pope as one wag said on Talk Radio the other day. He could and when Billy Graham and Pat Robertson can both say that John loved Christ and was a true evangelist for the Lord and His Kingdom, we know that something special has been taken from us all. Liberals want a liberal pope now. Not very likely and thank God for that! As a Protestant Conservative Christian and one who is quite political, I am thankful that the wing of Christianity from Rome, will stand with Biblical stances instead of radical secular fads just to be politically correct. If only the mainline churches in the USA would do the same, our nation would be far better off. Democrats want to get in on the pope, Shiavo, religious tilts so they can get elected. The Left simply believes in the Culture of Death except when it gets killers off from capital punishment!! The Pubs seem to be still in the majority when it comes to believing on principles and then putting them into legislation. The Left Dems want their views legislated but seem to use the courts and university classrooms to get their principles instituted. Today, in the papers, Ron Brownsteen and John Fund have two different articles that say the GOP still has the corner on moral issues which affect political determinations. When one reads the NY Times Op-Ed fora and other articles, one would think that the Bush Admin., conservative Christians, and the GOP were collapsing over their views. Yet Fund and Ron's articles belie that death wish from the Left! A new Pope will not give the Left much to work on either.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

The end came: now what?

The Terri horror is over. But, the issues are not over. There are many battles to be fought in this Culture of Life vs the Culture of Death. But, now what? There are many other issues here. Some are life and death issues. But, there are also court issues, separation of power issues and election issues. What legislatures will step up to the plate and deal with life and death issues such as health care, hospice care, (killing the old,young, disabled, minorities, gays, Republicans etc.!!!!!!!!!), and jurist selections.

All 50 states need to have legislation on these points. All 50 states have to regain the separation of powers definition that the Founders had. The Congress has to deal with term limits for jurists, the end of the absurd power struggle with Bush's jurists and the Democrats, and redefine checks and balances with separation of powers. The media, public, courts, all have to be on the same page with the same definitions of just who has what power. The battle will go on as it has since John Marshall and Jefferson. But, unelected jurists must be dealt with. Imperial judiciaries are more dangerous today than Imperial legislatures and imperial executives.

The end came: now what?

The end of the Terri tragedy came today, Mar. 31. Op-Eders on many sites, bloggers, all media outlets now have their scenarios played out. Whether for the Culture of Life or for Death or for something neutral if that can be said or written. The hatred toward Evangelical, Catholic Christians seems to be being blown into a real epidemic. So now what? It seems to me that state legislatures, the Congress, and every thinking family have to deal with not only these life and death issues but have to think seriously how to deal with out of control courts and judges. The Left , of course, will not agree. Until, of course, their experiences in courts gore their oxen.

Elective judges, term limits all these points now have to be considered. Living Wills, trusts, and Powers of attorney have to be discussed in logical families. Someone has to deal with the bio-ethics questions. Someone has to deal with the legislative questions and soon. The pols who take on these questions must be brave and resolute and coalitions between the left and right may not be out of the question on some of these issues.

These political, moral, and ethical issues must be addressed before the next circus of horror and death occur. And separation of powers must be redefined for the public as well as for the politicians and the media. The amount of false news, horrid interpretations, and lack of clarity must not happen again or we will suffer this crisis over and over. And the courts must be put in their historic place not in a place of Imperial Sovereignty.